Helen was very close to nature.  She could understand Nature through touch and smell . Dicuss the role of nature in Helen's life. 

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Expert Answer:

 Before the advent of her angelic teacher, Miss Sullivan in her life, nature was her sole solace. Helen used to feel along the square stiff boxwood hedges, guided by the sense of smell that would find the first violets and lilies. After throwing a fit of temper, she hid her hot face in the cool leaves and grass. She wandered happily from spot to spot, until she came upon the beautiful vine which covered the tumble-down summer-house at the farther end of the garden. The roses, the heart-satisfying and the loveliest of all the roses found in the greenhouses of the North, used to hang in long festoons from the porch of the house, filling the whole air with their fragrance, untainted by any earthy smell. In the early morning, washed in the dew, the roses felt so soft, so pure, that Helen could not help but wonder if they resembled the asphodels of God's garden.Her first learning lessons happened in the company of nature. She just loved the way her teacher, Miss Sullivan taught her the word 'WATER' by touching it. She like Wordsworth found solace and strength in nature. after Annie Sullivan arrives and begins teaching Helen, she encourages Helen's love of the outdoors and helps her make the connection between her world and the world around her by making Helen feel that "birds and flowers and I were happy peers." Helen notes that Annie does not concentrate on academic subjects at first but rather on "beauty in the fragrant woods, in every blade of grass, and in the curves and dimples of my baby sister's hand." However, Helen also learns about the unpredictability of nature and remembers how whilst climbing a tree "a nameless fear clutched at my heart." However, she sees it as another learning opportunity, and although she takes a long time to get over her fear, she does do so and feels "like a fairy on a rosy cloud."

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