Helen had natural affinity towards nature even before Ms. Sullivan came in her life.  Illustrate with examples from the text. 

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Expert Answer:

It was quite visible from her early home. Her father built a small house after the civil war, which was covered with natural beauty with many sweet smelling flowers around. She always used to find comfort in the cool leaves and grass from the heat.She loved wandering spot to spot. It was as such that she could recognize the plants by touching them.
She adored the fragrance of roses very much.

Helen felt extremely frustrated because of her disabilities. Her parents felt helpless at times as they wanted to arrange for her education but the school for the blind and deaf was too far from their place.

The first ray of hope came from Dickens' "American Notes." She read his account of Laura Bridgeman who was deaf and blind, yet had been educated. The second ray of hope came when her father heard about an eminent oculist who had been successful in many hopeless cases. So her parents at once decided to take Helen to Chisholm in Baltimore

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