haemoglobin contains 0.334% of iron by weight . the molecular weight of haemoglobin ia approximately 67200. what is the number of iron  atoms present in one molecule of haemoglobin? ( given that atomic wt of iron is 56)
sir could you please answer as soon as possible? 

Asked by Sayoni Maiti | 29th May, 2014, 08:38: AM

Expert Answer:

Percentage of Fe = 0.33% molecular weight of haemoglobin

Weight of Fe present = (0.33/100) × 67200 = 221.8

one Fe weighs 55.8 g

Therefore, 221.8/55.8 = 4

Hence, 4 atoms of iron are present in one molecule of haemoglobin.

Answered by Hanisha Vyas | 29th May, 2014, 10:47: AM

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