H2SO4 gives 2 H+ ions but why the dissociation constant ka for the first H+ ions is high means why does H+ leave easily in first step can u explain me with the hybridisation and electron dot structure in animation?

Asked by Gaurav Avhad | 1st May, 2011, 04:34: AM

Expert Answer:

In general, the rule is that successive pK values increase (Pauling's first rule). For example, for a diprotic acid, H2A (H2SO4), the two equilibria are

H2SO4 + H2O ? H3O+ + HSO4?    K1 = 2.4 x 106   (strong acid)
HSO4? + H2O ? H3O+ + SO42?     K2 = 1.0 x 10-2   

The second proton is removed from a negatively charged species. Since the proton carries a positive charge extra energy is needed to remove it.

Answered by  | 2nd May, 2011, 09:11: AM

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