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CBSE Class 11-science Answered

Gravitation- Difference
Asked by | 03 Mar, 2008, 04:18: PM
Expert Answer

Gravitational field is the force per unit mass. It is given by Gm/r^2, where m is the mass of the body whose gravitational field is required and r is the distance at which the field is calculated.

acceleration due to gravity is the acceleration with which objects/ bodies are attracted towards the centre of the earth.g= F / m = GM/R^2.

Both are dimensionally the same.

Using the gravitational field the force on a mass placed at that point can be found.

Force = mass x gravtiational field.

According to Newtons second law

Force = mass x acceleration.

So usage might depend on the context.

Answered by | 08 May, 2008, 06:10: PM

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