Good evening sir/madam
I am taking online tutions on topperlearning.
I took a test on Linear Equations. 
The question was:

Three consecutive integers add up to give 30. Linear equation representing this is... .

 3x + 3 = 27

 3x - 3 = 30

 3x = 27

 3x = 30

I chose D option. It displayed it wrong.

If we take the variables as :

(x-1), x, (x+1)      or         (x-2), (x-1), x

My answer could be right. I wanted to know why it displayed it wrong




Asked by archanagoel23 | 19th Aug, 2016, 07:50: PM

Expert Answer:

Your solution is correct. Actually, one sentence was missing in the question.
The question is
Three consecutive integers add up to give 30. If first integer is x, linear equation representing this is ... 
We will rectify it.

Answered by Rashmi Khot | 22nd Aug, 2016, 09:56: AM