Giving reasons identify the compound which will go sn1 reaction faster? CH3-CCl2-CH3 OR CH3-CH2-CHCl-CH3. how can we sort out whether a secondary halo derivative will undergo SN1 OR SN2?

Asked by Akash Sundi | 30th Dec, 2012, 07:08: PM

Expert Answer:

Seconday alkyl halide can undergo either of the SN1 or SN2 substitution depending on the rection condiiton such as stability of carbocation formed, polarity of the solvent used in those reactions, etc. 
In this case the formed carbocations are CH3-C+Cl-CH3 (I) OR CH3-CH2-CH+-CH3 (II).  Due to presence of bulky Cl group, steric hindrence will occur in I, so it will prefer SN2 path. SO, II will undergo SN1 faster.

Answered by  | 3rd Jan, 2013, 09:21: AM

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