GIVEN: RMS voltage 210 V and 50 Hz of Ac.Find the time taken by the current to change from its maximum value to the RMS value.

Asked by  | 17th Apr, 2012, 11:08: AM

Expert Answer:

I=I0 sin wt
For the peak current,
I0=I0 sinwt1-----(1)
For the rms current,
I0/?2=I0 sinwt2----(2)
wt1= 90,
wt2= 45,
w( t1-t2)= ?/4
2?/T( t1-t2)=?/4
(t1-t2)=T/8=1/8f=1/8* 50=.0025 sec 

Answered by  | 21st Apr, 2012, 11:17: PM

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