Given reaction 2 NO2 + O2 --> N2O5 + O2. It is believed that a species with the formula NO3 is involved in the mechanism, and the observed rate law for the overall reaction is rate = k[NO2][O3]. Propose a mechanism for this reaction that includes the species NO3 and is N2O5 is consistent with the observed rate law.

Asked by  | 8th Dec, 2012, 07:05: PM

Expert Answer:

The rate equation shows us how many atoms or molecules of a certain chemical is present in the slow step. In the above rate equation, it shows that only 1 NO2 and 1 O3 is involved in the slow step. Therefore, when choosing the answer, you should look answer which have only 1 NO2 molecule and 1 O3 molecule in the slow step.
NO2 + O3      =>      NO3 + O2 (slow)
NO3 + NO2      =>   N2O5 (fast)

Answered by  | 21st Dec, 2012, 09:36: AM

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