a)coordinate bond compounds
b)Solid covalent compounds
c)gaseous polar compounds
d)gaseous non-polar compounds(other than F2.Cl2,Br2,I2,At2)
e)liquid non-polar compounds 
f)Two examples of salts which are hygroscopic
g)Two important uses of Washing soda

Asked by rickykumar00001 | 15th Jun, 2015, 07:25: PM

Expert Answer:

Coordinate bond compounds: NH+4, H3O+

Solid covalent compounds: Diamond, Boron nitride, Silicon carbide

Gaseous polar compounds: H2S, PH3, NH3

Gaseous non-polar compounds: Methane (CH4), Ethylene (C2H4)

Liquid non-polar compounds: Gasoline, Toluene

Two examples of salts which are hygroscopic: Zinc chloride, Sodium hydroxide

Two important uses of Washing soda:

1. Washing soda can remove grease, blood, ink, tea and coffee stains.

2. A regular solution of washing soda and warm water will brighten venetian blinds, and help repel dust.

Answered by Arvind Diwale | 16th Jun, 2015, 10:29: AM

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