give three points of similarities and three dissimilarities between a camera and a human eye?

Asked by Rida Mukadam | 26th Feb, 2015, 10:10: PM

Expert Answer:


1. Human eye and a camera both uses convex lens to focus the image.
2. The image formed by human eye and camera are real and inverted.
3. Both have arrangements for controlling the amount of light entering into them.

1. Focal length of eye lens can be changed with the help of the ciliary muscles whereas the focla length of the lens of a camera cannot be altered.
2. Distance between the eye lens and the retina does not change whereas the distance between the lens and film of a camera can be adjusted accordingly with the help of bellows.
3. Human eye has defects like myopia and hypermetropia whereas a camera does not have such defects.

Answered by Jyothi Nair | 27th Feb, 2015, 10:36: AM

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