Give the formula of ionic compound formed by following pair of elements:

      (i)     Al, F
      (ii)     Na, P
      (iii)     K, S
      (iv)    Ca, O
      (v)     Li, Cl
      (vi)    Mg, Br

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Expert Answer:

                                                     Ions                        Ionic Compounds

(i)                Al, F                        [Al3+] [F-]                              AlF3    
(ii)               Na, P                      [Na+]3 [P3-]                            Na3P
(iii)               K, S                        [K+]2 [S2-]                             K2S
(iv)              Ca, O                      [Ca2+] [O2-]                           CaO
(v)               Li, Cl                        [Li+] [Cl-]                              LiCl
(vi)              Mg, Br                     [Mg2+] [Br-]2                                    MgBr2

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