Give the description of the shooting of the Tiger by Mrs packletide 

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Expert Answer:

Mrs. Packeltide had paid the villagers a thousand rupees to ensure that the hunting endeavour goes smoothly. The greed for money made them take Mrs. Packeltide’s silly whims seriously. The tiger chosen for the purpose was one of the respectable antecedents which had been driven by the increasing infirmities of age to stop the killing game and had confined its appetite to the smaller domestic animals. Their children were posted to ensure that the tiger never leaves the intended hunting ground. Goats were left to lure him into the trap set by the villagers. They were anxious about the untimely death of the tiger which would foil Mrs. Packeltide’s plan. Mothers hushed their singing for the fear of disturbing the sleep of the old tiger. They went to great lengths for the sake of the thousand rupees offered by Mrs. Packeltide. This was the driving force that made the villagers take up such a risky task as a sport. A comfortable platform was constructed on a tree for Mrs Packletide and her companion, Louisa Mebbin.  A goat who would bleat continuous was tied at a few distances away from the tree.
Thus, Mrs. Pacletide was perched on a higher platform and the goat was tethered at the correct distance. The moment, the tiger began ambling towards his victim, Mrs. Packletide’s rifle flashed out with a loud report. However, the bullet did not hit the tiger but instead gave a mortal wound to the goat that in death throes. The wrong animal had been hit and the tiger had most probably died of heart failure. The villagers, hearing the firing, thought the tiger was dead. A crowd of excited natives swarmed onto the scene and their shouting speedily carried the glad news to the village where a thumping took up the chorus of the triumph. Even when it was later discovered that the wrong animal had been hit, the villagers who were so anxious to receive their thousand rupees gladly connived with Mrs. Packletide and her story that she had shot the tiger. 


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