Give the character sketch of frog and the nightingale 

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Expert Answer:

The poem speaks about a frog who had a rather unpleasant voice. Despite this, he was full of self-confidence. He often croaked all night much to the annoyance of the other animals in the forest. They were tired of his incessant crocking and insulted him whenever he started singing. But the frog was adamant and didn’t heed their criticism no matter how much they rebuked him. He believed that his voice was very special and was insensitive to the distress he was causing others. This clearly shows that the frog was portrayed as someone who is arrogant, presumptuous, pompous and conceited. The frog's arrogance was shattered with the arrival of a nightingale whose melodious voice was seen as a welcome change from the frog’s harsh cacophony. The frog was threatened by the presence of the talented rival and was jealous of all the adulation she was garnering. So, he hatched a plan to destroy her and get her out of his way. Here, the frog was clearly territorial, proud, boastful and haughty. 
The innocent nightingale, on the other hand, fell prey to the frog's criticism about her singing. Because the nightingale had no confidence in her own ability, she accepted the frog's offer to tutelage. The frog easily exploited the nightingale's submissive nature. Every now and then, he criticised her for not singling well and made her rehearse round the clock which took a toll on her health which eventually resulted in her death. The frog is unapologetic even by her death and was finally satisfied that he no longer had to compete with someone more talented than him. The nightingale, though polite, was timid, meek and scared. She lacked self-confidence which made it easy for the frog to rob her of her peppiness and spirit.
This story is a true example of the victory of evil over goodness. The nightingale's simplicity and innocence was killed by the shrewd and crafty ways of the evil frog. 

Answered by Athira | 15th Jun, 2017, 01:23: PM

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