give reasons for the following: (i)blue green algae is placed in monera not in plantae. (ii)bryophyta and pteridophyta grow in moist places. (iii)gymnosperms donot require water for fertilisation.

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Expert Answer:

Monera are prokaryotic unicellular bacteria whose genetic material is dispersed loosely in the cell. On the other hand, the genetic material of plants and other eukaryotes is held in the cell nucleus. Therefore, blue green algae are placed in Kingdom  Monera and not inKingdom Plantae.

Bryophyta and Pteridophyta grow in moist and shady places because they do not have the ability to withstand sunlight. Their tissues are thin and delicate, forming large surface areas for transpiration. Staying in the shade conserves water that sun and heat would otherwise evaporate.

The Gymnosperms are seed plants. They do not require water for the sperms to swim and reach the egg. The movement of pollen towards the ovule in Gymnosperms relies on air-borne transport and not water transport.

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