Give reasons as to why the following processes are different from each other.
a]Fission in amoeba and plasmodium
b]Regeneration and fragmentation
c]Binary fission and fragmentation

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Expert Answer:

a) Amoeba undergoes binary fission.i.e.amoeba divides to produce two daughter amoebae whereas plasmodium undergoes multiple fission.i.e many new organisms are formed simultaneously by a single organism.



1. Fragmentation occurs in multi-cellular organisms with simple body organisation.

1. Regeneration occurs in fully differentiated multi-cellular organisms with complex body organization.

2. In fragmentation, an organism breaks into pieces and each piece develops into new individual.

2. In regeneration organisms if breaks into pieces, each piece may or may not develop into new individual.

3. No specialised cells are involved in fragmentation.

3. In regeneration, specialised cells proliferate and form a mass of cells. The cells from the mass differentiate to form different cells types and tissues.

Example: Spirogyra

Example: Regeneration of blood cells in mammals.


Binary Fission


Binary fission is the asexual reproduction of a single-celled organism by division into two roughly equal parts.

In fragmentation, the body of the organism simply breaks up into smaller pieces upon maturation. These pieces or fragments grow into new individuals.

Occurs in unicellular organisms.

Occurs in multi cellular organisms

Example- Amoeba

Example- Spirogyra

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