Give reasons
a) A charged particle enters a uniform magnetic field in a direction perpendicular to the field always follow circular path ?
b) Why are the pole pieces of a magnet in a moving coil galvanometer made cylindrical?

Asked by vinitapahel123 | 12th Dec, 2015, 04:49: PM

Expert Answer:

2. The pole pieces of the magnet are made cylindrical so that the magnetic field is radial at any position of the coil. In such a field, the plane of the coil always remains parallel to the direction of the magnetic field. So that the galvanometer scale is linear.
Therefore, Φ = 90º and the deflecting torque always has the value, τ = NIAB.
Note: Kindly ask the other question as a separate query.

Answered by Faiza Lambe | 12th Dec, 2015, 08:35: PM

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