give reason-lead nitrate is not used in place of nitre for the preparation of nitric acid in the laboratory

Asked by arwanasik25 | 13th Aug, 2020, 08:54: PM

Expert Answer:

Nitric acid is prepared by reaction of nitre(KNO3) and H2SO4 .
Chemical equation for this process is-
2 KNO subscript 3 plus straight H subscript 2 SO subscript 4 rightwards arrow straight K subscript 2 SO subscript 4 plus 2 HNO subscript 3
It is a type of displacement reaction, where high reactive K is displacing low reactive H.
When we are using Pb(NO3)2 instead of KNO3 then reaction rate is slow because Pb is very less reactive than K so it will take time to displace H.
So, KNO3 is preferred due to its hiogh reactivity.

Answered by Ravi | 16th Aug, 2020, 03:19: PM