Give reason for the following:

1) Endocrine system is important for living organism.

2) Girls need to consume food rich in iron.

3) Adolescents should take bath every day.

4) One must say no to drugs.

Asked by gspublicschool | 20th Sep, 2019, 07:06: PM

Expert Answer:

3. Adolescents should have a bath at least once everyday. It is more necessary because increased activity of sweat glands sometimes makes the body smelly. All parts of the body should be washed and cleaned everyday. If cleanliness is not maintained there are chances of catching bacterial infection. Girls should take special care of cleanliness during the time of menstrual flow.

4. Drugs are addictive. If you take them once, you feel like taking them again and again. They harm the body in the long run. They ruin health and happiness. Hence, one must say no to drugs.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 20th Sep, 2019, 07:26: PM