Give character sketch of Mrs Packletide,Loona Bimberton and Louisa Mebbin.

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Expert Answer:

Mrs Packletide

Mrs. Packletide was a vain individual whose main aim in life was to outshine her rival Loona Bimberton. Being very wealthy, Mrs. Packltide was able to carry out many of her whimsical endeavours like shooting a tiger to outdo Loona Bimberton’s feat of flying with an Algerian Aviator. She was also incredibly lazy as she paid the villagers to set a trap for the tiger so that she can shoot it without putting herself in harm's way. Apart from being shallow and lazy, she was also very silly not only because she squandered away her wealth to realize her spiteful and ridiculous pursuits, but also because she got manipulated into paying a large amount of money to Miss Mebbin who had intentions to blackmail her.

Loona Bimberton

Loona Bimberton isn’t very different from Mrs. Packletide when it comes to being vain. Loona had recently flown eleven miles with an Algerian Aviator which caused a lot of annoyance to Mrs. Packletide. She in turn staged a heroic feat of shooting a tiger. In the beginning, we are lead to believe that it is Mrs. Packletide who is ridiculous and shallow, but towards the end of the story, we are acquainted with Loona Bimberton’s vanity as well. She declined the invitation to the luncheon Mrs. Packletide had thrown in her “honour” and refused to look at the single newspaper for weeks for the fear of reading about her rival’s feats. Thus in conclusion, one can say that Loona Bimberton, like her rival, is a shallow and an envious individual. 

Louisa Mebbin

Miss Loisa Mebbin was the so called companion of Mrs. Packletide who can be best described as opportunistic and money-minded. An accomplished penny pincher, she advised Mrs. Packletide that the thousand rupees she paid for an old tiger was too much. The author sarcastically describes her stinginess by saying she has an “elder-sister attitude towards money in general”. She also has a keen eye. Only she noticed that victim of Mrs. Packletide’s bullet was the goat which was kept as bait and her intended victim, the tiger, had in fact died of a heart attack. She used this piece of information to blackmail Mrs. Packletide and successfully extorted a weekend cottage from her.

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