give any six reason for novel becoming popular in india

Asked by Ananta Srivastava | 17th Jun, 2014, 01:49: PM

Expert Answer:

Following are six important reasons why the novel became popular India:
  • Most important of all, the novel was a major source of entertainment for the Indian middle class. Novels of different genres became a mainstay in middle class households who could not afford indulging in other avenues of entertainment.
  • Novels enabled to read in the privacy of his own home and his opwn intellect. The novel could be read silently even while travelling. Hence it was an intimate and personal form of entertainment for people.
  • Novels offered a fantastic world of imagination in which the reader could imagine many impossible things. Reading a novel was a new experience for people, like day dreaming.
  • Novels often delved on the lives of those who were hitherto out of the literary scene.
  • The translation of novels in the different local languages immensley improved their reach and improved their popularity amongst the masses.
  • Since the formal media like newspapers and magazines were being subjected to government censorship, for a considerable amount of time, the novel was an outlet of nationalist sentiment and propaganda.

Answered by Soumil Shukla | 17th Jun, 2014, 05:45: PM

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