Give all the tests to distinguish chloroethane from other organic compounds.

Asked by Navya Benny | 4th Nov, 2015, 10:18: AM

Expert Answer:

Test to distinguish between chloroethane and bromoethane:

Add small amount of KOH and acidify with dil. Nitric acid and then few drops of silver nitrate solution.

A white ppt. Soluble in NH4OH indicates chloroethane while a light yellow ppt. partially soluble in NH4OH indicates bromoethane.

C2H5Cl + KOH → C2H5OH + KCl

KCl + AgNO3 → AgCl(White ppt.)

C2H5Br + KOH → C2H5OH + K Br

K Br + AgNO3 → Ag Br (Pale yellow ppt.)

Test to distinguish between chloroethane and vinyl chloride:

Ethyl chloride will react with AgNO3 to give a white ppt. of AgCl, whereas vinyl chloride will not respond to this test.

Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 5th Nov, 2015, 10:47: AM