give a large description on hemodialysis of about 1000 words

Asked by Akshay Rajput | 18th Jul, 2014, 07:30: PM

Expert Answer:

If one kidney is damaged or removed the other kidney alone is capable of fulfilling excretory needs.

But the failure of both the kidneys allows urea and other wastes to accumulate in the blood.

Such patient undergoes dialysis.

In dialysis, an artificial kidney is used.

Artificial kidney contains tubes containing semi-permeable lining.

These tubes are suspended in a tank filled with dialysing solution.

This fluid contains water, glucose in similar concentration to those in blood.

Patient’s blood is led from the radial artery through the tubes of artificial kidney where the excess salts and urea is removed.

The purified blood is returned back to a vain in the same arm.

The function of dialysis is similar to the function of the kidney but the only difference is there is no reabsorption durig dialysis.

Answered by Hemangi Binny | 21st Jul, 2014, 11:30: AM

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