give a few important aspect of green revolution

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Expert Answer:

  • The Green Revolution in India refers to the series of researches and technological advancements in the field of agriculture. It led to a great increase in the crop produced by using high yield variety seeds, fertilisers, extensive irrigation etc.
  • The Green Revolution greatly impacted the farmers of Punjab. Due to large scale production, the farmers became prosperous. Since their purchasing power improved, they were able to invest more money in agriculture. Consequently farming has become mechanised, whereby much of the work is done by machines such as tractors and combined harvestors on large farms.
  • In the areas where Green Revolution is a success, the farmers have moved from subsistence to market oriented economy.
  • The adoption of High Yielding Varieties under the Green Revolution has generated more rural and urban employment.

However there were certain limitation of the Green Revolution:

  • 1. Green revolutions resulted in loss of soil fertility due to increased use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.
  • 2. Continuous use of groundwater for tube well irrigation reduced the water-table below the ground.
  • 3. It benefitted only the rich farmers and not the small and marginal farmers as they could not afford the inputs that were required for cultivation of these seeds.

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