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ICSE Class 7 Answered

give a description on the western plateau of australia
Asked by ayushmans627 | 31 Jan, 2022, 10:47: AM
answered-by-expert Expert Answer
Australia is the flattest continent in the world. The continent does not have high mountain ranges like the Andes in South America or extensive plateau as in Africa.
The continent may be divided into three main physical features. The Western Plateau The Central Lowlands The Eastern Highlands The Western Plateau
The Western Plateau covers about two thirds of the continent and has an average elevation of 360 m above sea level. The plateau has an undulating surface with gentle slopes and consists of very old rocks like the Deccan peninsula of India and very rich in minerals.
Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 31 Jan, 2022, 02:23: PM
ICSE 7 - Geography
Asked by ayushmans627 | 31 Jan, 2022, 10:47: AM

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