Give a chemical test distinguish between ethanol and propan-2-ol.

Asked by shibu mann | 18th Sep, 2011, 02:24: PM

Expert Answer:

Ethanol is a primary alcohol whereas propan-2-ol  is a secondary alcohol

And secondary alcohol gives Iodoform test whereas Primary alcohol does not give this test.

Here, is  the explanation of  the Iodoform test given by propan-2-ol:-

Addition of I2(aq) (usually I2 dissolved in KI, shown here reacting with 2-propanol
2 NaOH + I2 + CH3CH(OH)CH3 ? 2 NaI + CH3COCH3 + 2 H2O
oxidizes the hydroxyl group to a ketone,

The ketone formed reacts with the I2(aq) in a substitution reaction to produce a triiodoketone, for example triiodoacetone.
CH3COCH3 + 3I2 ? CH3COCI3 + 3HI

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