General Organic Chemistry question

Asked by Rohan Mehra | 12th May, 2011, 07:44: PM

Expert Answer:

Apparently the C2 molecule has been studied. It has been made, and its

fleeting existence has been investigated, probably spectroscopically.  

It has a bond energy of 620 kJ/mol and a bond length of 1.31A, These

values are close to 614 kJ/mol and 1.34A, the average values found for a

C=C double bond in organic compounds.


In the C2 molecule each carbon 
makes only two bonds.  This is probably the reason that C2 is 
not "stable"; the other forms of carbon: diamond, graphite, charcoal, 
C60, nanotubes, etc. in which carbon makes four bonds are more stable. C2 
molecules spontaneously hooks up with other C2 molecules to form one of 
these more stabe forms of carbon.


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