(Gay-Lussac’s Law&Avagadro’s law, class 10 ICSE, Chem.) 20 ml of hydrogen, 10 ml of carbon monoxide and 20 ml of oxygen are exploded in an eudiometer. What will be the volume and composition of the mixture of gases, after cooling to room temperature?

Asked by nethra | 7th Jan, 2018, 10:42: AM

Expert Answer:

During explode, some reactions occur:
2 H2 + O →  2H2O
It means that all H2 reacts with half of O2
One more reaction occurs:
2CO + O2 →  2CO2 

If there is 10ml of CO and 10ml of O2, the oxygen is in excess.
10 ml of CO reacts only with 5ml of O2 with producing 10ml of CO2.
So, eventually, there will be 10 + 5 = 15ml of gases mixture.

Answered by Ramandeep | 7th Jan, 2018, 03:14: PM