from electrostatics,

volume charge distribution is when charge is uniformly distributed over the volume.

Does it mean the charge is through out volume means inside the conductor also.

As per me charge stays only on surface not inside the conductor than how volume charge distribution makes sense ?

Asked by salujavinit123 | 25th Mar, 2019, 11:14: PM

Expert Answer:

Remember this
Volume distribution of charge can only happens in insulator because insulator own charges won't effect the provided charge as it is hold very tightly within the atom.
But in conductor this can't be done , due to internal repulsion the charges will appear only on the surface.
In simple language the external charge cannot be able to sustain in the  bulk of the conductor because  due to the internal repulsion the unbalanced charge will be sent out to the surface of the conductor as there in conductor (mainly metals) there are many free electrons.
But in insulator there are not free electrons available so the external charge can reside in its bulk.

Answered by Ankit K | 26th Mar, 2019, 05:06: PM

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