From class 12 electro statics.

Why insulater get polarised when they are near to charged body when there is no free electron in insulater?

as small piece  of paper get polarised and gets stick to charged comb ???

Asked by salujavinit123 | 25th Mar, 2019, 11:05: PM

Expert Answer:

 you have to use the word polarisation and induction very clearly.
Insulator are those material which doesn't allow current to pass that doesn't mean they don't have charge, that particular insulator has equal number of electrons as well protons.
So when a charge body brought near to another body it's charges the another body by the method of induction it get charged basically what is does it do not remove the charges from the atoms it's just sepesepa charges. So basically it's net charge remain same.
In the matter of comb and paper charging is done via friction method in this charges actually travel from one body to another body.
Polarisation is done with dielectric.

Answered by Ankit K | 26th Mar, 2019, 05:02: PM

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