from a pt 50m away fro the base of multistored bilding the angle of elevation of the 1st floor is found to be 30 degree & the angle of elevation of 15th floor is found to be 60 degree what is the distance between 1st floor & the 15th floor

Asked by Manisha Vadagave | 18th Dec, 2012, 07:43: PM

Expert Answer:

AB - multistoryed building
C - first floor
A - 15th floor
Required distance = AC
In triangle BOC,
tan 30 = BC/OB
1/root 3 = BC/ 50
BC = 50 / root3
In triangle AOB,
tan 60 = AB/OB
root 3 = (BC + AC) / 50
Now, in the above equation, put the value of BC to get the required distance AC.

Answered by  | 20th Dec, 2012, 10:36: AM

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