From a metal sheet of diamention 48*36 cm sq of side 8cm is cut out and folded along the edge to form an open container. Find the volume of container so developed.

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Answer : Given :A metallic sheet is of the rectangular shape with dimensions 48cm x 36cm . From each of its corners a square of side 8cm is cut off . An open box is made of the remaining sheet .
To Find : the volume of the box formed.
After taking the square out of each sides,
the length of the sides are as follows (from figure above)
KL= EF= HG=PR= 48-8-8=32cm
KE=LF=HP=GR= 8cm (sides of the square teared out)
The length of the box would be KL = 32 cm.
The width of the box =JQ = 20 cm 
and the heigth would be after folding the sides = JF = 8 cm 
Volume= length*width*ht 
Therefore the net volume = 32*20*8 = 5120cm3 Ans

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