four positive point charges are arranged as shown(see figure). the force between q1 & q3 is 6N, that between q2 & q3 is 5N & that between q3 & q4 is 3N.Find the magnitude of the total force on the charge q3.

Asked by Renuka Ganesh | 25th Mar, 2013, 02:36: PM

Expert Answer:

Since all the forces are between like charges, thus they all repel each other
Force on q3 due to q1 will act downwards
forces on q3 due to q2 will act towards right
force on q3 due to q4 will act towards left.
thus, net force on q3 will be, F = ( 2 i - 6 j ) N

Answered by  | 25th Mar, 2013, 10:12: PM

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