Force between two parallel infinite long current carrying conductors

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C1D1 and C2D2, two infinite long straight conductors carrying current I1 and I2 in the same direction. They are held parallel to each other at a distance r in the plane of paper.
Magnetic Field induction at point P on C2D2 due to current passing through C1D1 is given by,

B1 = μo/ 4 π  (2 l1/r)

As the current carrying conductor C2D2 lies in the magnetic field B1 therefore, unit length of
C2D2 will experience a force F2 = B1I2 x 1 = B1I2

F2 = μo/ 4 π (2 l1 l2/r)

According to Fleming’s left hand rule force on conductor C2D2 acts in the plane of the paper and directed towards C1D1. Similarly, it can be shown that the conductor C1D1 experiences a force which is directed towards C2D2 and hence they attract each other. If the current in the conductors C1D1 and C2D2 are in opposite directions they repel each other with the same force.


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