For the given figure,a line of force of particukar field is shown.out of the given options,it can never represent
a)a magnetic  fiels and an induced electric field
b)an induced electric filed
c)a gravitational field of mass at rest and an electric field
d)a magnetic field

Asked by Divyaa | 8th Aug, 2016, 08:21: PM

Expert Answer:

The field is forming a circular closed loop.
Option a: A magnetic field and an induced electric field.
A magnetic field produced around a straight current carrying conductor is circular in shape.
An induced electric field is the one that is produced due to an induced current. This can be circular as the current can flow in a circle.
Hence, option a is not true as the figure can represent a magnetic field and an induced electric field.
Option b: As discussed above the field can represent an induced electric field.
Option c: A mass at rest has a field that is attractive in nature, i.e. a straight line towards the centre of the mass.
Similarly, an electric field is also a straight line coming out of a positive charge and coming in to a negative charge.
Hence, option c is the correct option as the field shown cannot represent a gravitational field of a mass at rest and an electric field.
Option d: As disussed in option a the field can represent a magnetic field.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 10th Aug, 2016, 12:57: PM