For the  first row of transition metals the E0 values are 




Fe = -0.44




Explain the irregularities in the above values ?

Asked by Nazar Pb | 27th Mar, 2014, 11:50: AM

Expert Answer:

The Standard Electrode Potential (E0 values for M2+/M as well as for M3+/M2+) depend on the thermochemical parameters such as enthalpies and ionization energies.

There is no regular trend in the E0 values of first transiytion element is because their ionization enthalpies (IE1 + IE2) and submlimation enthalpies do not show any regular trend. The general trend towards less negative E0 values along the series is due to the general increase in the sum of first and second ionization enthalpies.

Answered by  | 27th Mar, 2014, 12:25: PM

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