For development, people look at a mix pf goals. Explain in 1- 2 paragraphs

Asked by anishagogoi14 | 23rd Apr, 2021, 07:39: PM

Expert Answer:

For development, people look at a mix pf goals. This is because of the following reasons:
  • Different people have different goals. Income is not only the important factor leading to country's development. 
  • The others factors like freedom,respect,peace,harmony are as much as important as income.
  • For example, if the working woman in a house does not get the required respect and is made to feel inferior, she will not be happy. But if she receives equal treatment as male members of the family, she may progress in her professional life or even take up other challenging roles. 
  • Moreover,for a good quality life and social,political and economical well being mix goals of development is necessary.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 23rd Apr, 2021, 10:27: PM