Five years hence the age of ram will be three times that of his sun .Five years ago Rams age was seven times that of his son .What are their present ages.

Asked by NISARG mistry | 14th Jul, 2013, 09:07: PM

Expert Answer:

lets Ram's present age be x and his son's age be y 
After 5 years, 
Ram's age = x+5 years
Son's age = y +5
Now, it is given that, x+5 = 3(y+5)
x = 3y + 10   (1)
Five years ago
Ram's age = x-5 years
Son's age = y -5
Now, it is given that, x-5 = 7(y-5)
x = 7y-30   (2)
Subtracting 1 from 2
0 = 4y -40
y = 10 years, 
x = 7(10) - 30 = 40 years
You can solve these questions by clearly converting anything that is given in the text into an equation. Practice some of the questions of this type and you will be able to get a good hold on them. 

Answered by  | 15th Jul, 2013, 10:16: PM

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