find the sum of all two-digit natural numbers which when divided by 4 yields 2 as remainder.

Asked by deepitapai | 26th Jan, 2009, 08:08: AM

Expert Answer:

The first such natural number is 6.Note that all such numbers will have a gap of 4 between them.

So the numbers are 6,10,14..

 the last two digit number is 98

So sum of all these numbers is the sum of A.P.


This A.P.  clearly has 24 terms.

So, use the formula for sum of n terms of an A.P. with first term=a=6

common difference =d=4

number of terms =n=24

So you can get the answer using the formula for sum of n terms


Answered by  | 26th Jan, 2009, 01:03: PM

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