Find the < RQS

Asked by Dhatshana | 25th Feb, 2011, 02:25: AM

Expert Answer:

Dear Student,
The solution to you problem is as follows
Since PQ and PR are the tangent drawn from an external point to a circle, then
PQ = PR---------------------(1)
which means angle PQR = PRQ = 750.
Also angle PQR = angle QSR---------------(Angles in alternate segment)
and angle PQR = angle SRQ----------------(Alternate interior angles since PQ parallel to SR.)
which means angle QSR = angle SRQ = angle PQR = 750
so in triangle SQR, we have angle SQR + angle SRQ + angle QSR = 1800
Hence angle RQS = 300
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Answered by  | 10th Mar, 2011, 10:24: AM

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