find the ratio of electrostatic force and gravitation force for 1. between two electon 2. between two proton 3. one electron and proton.

Asked by aarohi kc | 13th Apr, 2011, 02:47: AM

Expert Answer:

The Charge of a Proton and an Electron is same i,e
The Charge on Electron is Negative of the above.
Let us assume that the charges are seperated by a distance of 1 cm.
The Electrostatic Force between Two Protons or Two Electrons is
Gravitational Force between two Protons is
Gravitational force between two Electrons is
Where m1 and m2 is the mass of electron.
Electrostatic force between one Proton and Electon is
Gravitational Force between a Proton and electron is
Now the Ratio of electrostatic force and Gravitational force for

1) Between two electron is
Where E.F. means Electrostatic Force and G.F. means Gravitational Force.
2) Between Two Proton is
C) between one electron and proton is

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