find the greatest number that will divide 185 and 300 leaving remainders 3 and 6 respectively.

Asked by  | 7th Apr, 2012, 11:43: AM

Expert Answer:

On dividing 185, the remainder is 3, this means the number divides 185-3=182 exactly
Similarly, on dividing 300, the remainder is 6, meaning the number divides 300-6=294 exactly
So the number divided both 182 and 294 exacly
Factors of 182 are 182=2x7x13
Factors of 294 are 294=2x3x7x7
So the greatest common factor is 2x7=14
Hence the greatest number of such sort is 14.

Answered by  | 9th Apr, 2012, 06:54: PM

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