Find the domain and range of the following real functions:- (1)f(x)=under root X(square)-3x-4 (2) f(x)=1/X(square)-3x+2 (3) f(x)=x-1/|x-1|

Asked by Akshay Hemke | 4th Jul, 2013, 11:18: PM

Expert Answer:

Please ask one question/ query. Please find answers to your first question. For others also,the domain and range can be identified in a similar way. 
1. f(x) = root(x2-3x-4)
f(x) = root((x-4)(x+1))
Now for f(x) to be real, (x-4)(x+1) >=0
hence, x>=4 or x<=-1. 
Domain = (-infinity, -1] union [4, infinity)
For these values of x, f(x) would vary from 0 to infinity
Hence, range = [0, infinity]

Answered by  | 5th Jul, 2013, 05:38: PM

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