find the derivative of the given functions by using the first principle 1)cube root of tan x 2)log of x power 1/2 base 1 if you didn't understand the second part then pls solve the 1st part.

Asked by rekkakr1095 | 31st Aug, 2010, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

Here we have to use the result limxaxn-anx-a=nan-1f(x) = (tanx)1/3f ' (x) = limh0(tan(x+h))1/3-(tanx)1/3h            = limh0(tan(x+h))1/3-(tanx)1/3tan(x+h) -tanx. tan(x+h) - tanxhAs h0, tan(x+h)tanx  So for the first limit use the above result, and the second limit you can find in the usual way.          =  13(tanx)1/3-1 . sec2x        =13(tanx)-2/3 . sec2xYou can solve the second one in the similar way, using the same result.">

Answered by  | 1st Sep, 2010, 10:33: AM

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