Find the current drawn from the battery by the network of four resistors shown in the figure.

Asked by araima2001 | 21st Sep, 2015, 07:23: AM

Expert Answer:

Resistance of the upper branch FCE are in series.
So, equivalent resistance in the branch FCE= R1 = 10 Ω + 10 Ω = 20 Ω
Resistance of lower branch FDE are in series
So, equivalent resistance in the branch FDE = R2 = 10 Ω + 10 Ω = 20 Ω
The two resistance R1 and R2 are parallel to each other.
If R is the equvalent resistance of network, then
begin mathsize 14px style 1 over straight R equals 1 over 20 plus 1 over 20 equals 2 over 20 equals 1 over 10 end style
or R = 10 Ω
Current, V = IR

begin mathsize 14px style straight I equals straight V over straight R equals fraction numerator 3 space straight V over denominator 10 space straight capital omega end fraction equals 0.3 space straight A end style

Answered by Faiza Lambe | 21st Sep, 2015, 11:25: AM

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