Find the Cartesian equations of a line which passes through the point(1,2,3) and is parallel to the line (-x-2)/1=(y+3)/7=(2z-6)/3

Asked by Manoj | 11th May, 2013, 06:30: AM

Expert Answer:

(x+2)/(-1) = (y+3)/7 = (z-3)/(3/2)
Hence, the direction ratios of the line are (-1, 7, 3/2). 
For parallel lines, the direction ratios remain the same, hence, the equation of line parallel to the given line but passing through (1,2,3) will be given by 
(x-1)/(-1) = (y-2)/7 = (z-3)/3/2
(-x+1)/1 = (y-2)/7 = (2z-6)/3

Answered by  | 11th May, 2013, 10:31: AM

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