Find out the chemical properties of metals with corrosion (iron, silver and copper)

Asked by amanbhargava | 20th May, 2010, 12:15: PM

Expert Answer:

Iron iron gets corroded in the presence of air and moisture to form hydrated ferric oxide. (Fe2O3 . x H2O). It is a brown flaky substance called rust. Corrosion of iron is also known as rusting.

Silver articles become black after some time when exposed to air. This is because it reacts with sulphur in the air to form a coating of silver sulphide. The black substance is silver sulphide (Ag2S). Corrosion of silver is called tarnishing of silver.

Copper reacts with moist carbon dioxide in the air and slowly loses its shiny brown surface and gains a green coat. This green substance is basic copper carbonate. CuCO3. Cu(OH)2


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