Find molality of pure water.

Asked by surajkumar30769 | 12th Aug, 2019, 12:35: PM

Expert Answer:

We know,
Molar mass of water = 18 gm/mol
Density of water = 1 kg/L
Mass of water 1 cross times 1000
= 1kg
Number of moles of water is,
equals 1000 over 18

equals 55.55 space mol
Molality is given by,
equals fraction numerator No. space of space moles over denominator Weight space of space solvent space in space kg end fraction

equals fraction numerator 55.55 over denominator 1 end fraction

equals 55.5 space straight m
Molality of pure water is 55.55 m.

Answered by Varsha | 12th Aug, 2019, 01:04: PM

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