Find K if system has infinitely many solutions 1} 5x+2y =2k 2(k+1)x+ky +3k+4 AND find k if the system has a unique solution 1}x-ky +2 3x+2y+5 =0 how do we solve these questions???

Asked by alka ashok | 20th May, 2013, 05:06: PM

Expert Answer:

For solving such types of questions, remember the following pointers:
1) System has infinitely many solutions, so
5/2(k+1) = 2/k = 2k/3k + 4
So, we get 5k = 4(k + 1)
5k = 4k + 4
k = 4
2) System has unique solution, so
5/2(k+1) is not equal to 2/k
Thus, k is not equal to 4.

Answered by  | 21st May, 2013, 09:30: AM

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