Find distance of the pt (2,3,4) from the plane 3x+2y+2z+5=0, parallel to r=(-3i+2j)+m(3i+6j+2k)

Asked by  | 1st Feb, 2009, 02:14: PM

Expert Answer:

the line which is parallel to r=(-3i+2j)+m(3i+6j+2k) and passes through (2,3,4) is


any point on this line is (2+3m,3+6m,4+2m)

now find the intersection point of this line with the given plane i.e. the general point will satisfy the equation of the plane


25m+25 = 0

m = -1

so the intersection point of the plane and the line is (-1,-3,2)

distance between (2,3,4) and (-1,-3,2) = 9+36+4 = 49 = 7

Answered by  | 2nd Feb, 2009, 02:27: AM

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